Escuchar, Leer, Hablar, Escribir


onestopenglish SKILLS 

With over 3,000 resources on listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, speaking


onestopenglish SKILLS Listening

         This listening skills section contains a whole host of tips and innovative lesson ideas for your listening classes. Check out the series of mini-plays on British culture, the audio soap opera, audio serializations of a selection of Macmillan Readers, the series of authentic interviews and lots more.


onestopenglish SKILLS Reading

     This reading skills section contains a huge bank of tips and lesson ideas. Choose from a selection of topic-based lesson plans written by Jackie McAvoy, and take a look at Adrian Tennant’s series of articles for techniques and strategies for teaching reading.

Topic based reading lesson plans

Reading matters

Miscellaneous reading worksheets

A selection of winning reading related lesson shares.


onestopenglish SKILLS Writing

A variety of resources for teaching writing in the classroom, including a magazine project for elementary learners: One World Magazine.

Lesson plans

Writing matters

A selection of writing themed lesson share


onestopenglish SKILLS Pronunciation

       This section features tips and suggestions for teaching pronunciation, plus practice activities for you to download and use with your students. The latest addition to this section is a series of listening activites and worksheets by Adrian Tennant.

 A couple of pronunciation-themed lesson shares


onestopenglish SKILLS Speaking

      This section contains speaking practice lessons on a wide variety of topics aimed at developing functional language or promoting discussion.

Teaching ideas

Lesson plans

A vast selection of winning lesson plans on sepaking

Speaking matters





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